Welcome to The Funkstamatics

If you’re looking for funk, you’ve come to the right place. The Funkstamatics have been playing hard rockin’, jazzed-up funk for almost ten years and are still funkin’ strong. We love nothing more than to play live, but we’ve also released quite a few albums, singles and some 45’s. By the way, if you were looking for Euro Cinema, you’re still in the right place as that used to be our name until we changed it for legal and funky reasons. You can hear most of our music on Spotify, be our friend on Facebook and follow our adventures on Instagram. Better yet, come check us out when we perform on a stage near you! For this year, we have two exciting releases planned. A brand new collaboration and a compilation album featuring an explosive new version of our biggest hit Koekwaus to celebrate over 100.000 streams on Spotify!