Inspiration for Lift Off: The Meters

Tim den Heijer

It’s no suprise for any funk band to be inspired by The Meters. However, many of the deep funk groups tend to focus on the bare bones Hammond funk on the first three Meters albums. This time around, we found ourselves spinning more of the New Orleans groovemasters’ later LP’s. Fire on the Bayou has some great tracks, but Rejuvenation might just be the perfect funk album. It has unforgettable riffs in People Say and  Just Kissed My Baby (like most people our age, we discovered that one through Public Enemy). It has timeless vocal songs like Ain’t No Use and Africa (which we first heard as RHCP’s Africa, back when they were really funky). It has some almost Benson-esque jazzy bits (Love Is For Me). And it has the Nawlins funky second line classic Hey Pocky Way, which inspired the funked up ‘shave and a haircut’ beat on our track Dikke Dinsdag. For you non-Dutchies: that’s Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras in Dutch!




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